Sight Unseen Trade In Appraisal


To our remote/ internet/ out of state customers: We are happy to have the opportunity to buy your vehicle from you and after 40 years in business in Collinsville, we have learned that all of our customers are looking for the most they can get for their vehicle. The truth is that the best way to get the most for your vehicle is to bring it to the dealership where we can inspect the vehicle, conduct research, ask our dealer network for bids, and really work to get you the most for your vehicle. 

That being the case, we understand that in todays busy world, time is a commodity that is even more precious than money. Our customers and associates often ask us for vehicle valuations on vehicles that for any number of reasons cannot be physically be brought to our lot. We are happy to help with this, but it is important that we get all of the information we can to get you the most we possibly can for your vehicle. If we don't, we have been doing this for a while and we know that we may never see you.

Understand that even with this information, the offer is subject to a physical inspection of the vehicle at our dealership. Any mechanical defects, cosmetic issues, or vehicle history items that come to light may affect this valuation up to and until we by the vehicle from you. In other words, this offer cannot be a guarantee. It is our best reasonable estimate based on the information provided.

Please provide the following information:

E-mail to :, Copy:, 

Subject Line: "Sight Unseen Appraisal info for (Your Name)"


  • Vin #

  • Current mileage

  • Year, Make, Model and Trim Level information

  • Transmission (Automatic or Manual)

  • Interior and Exterior Color

  • Payoff amount and who the vehicle is financed with. 

  • No less than 10 (suggested 20) interior photos

  • No less than 10 (suggested 20) exterior photos

  • Name of the salesperson or dealership contact you are working with at Jack Schmitt Ford.

  • Anything you think we should know about the vehicle. 

Thank you and we look forward to earning your business!