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Referral Policy

Jack Schmitt Ford continues to grow as a dealership month over month and year over year because of our loyal customer base. While many dealerships rely on the next short term gimmick to attract business, we focus most of our energy each day on building one to one solid relationships with the clients we have so that they might go out and tell others about their experience at Jack Schmitt Ford. 

As such, a high percentage of our business comes from repeat and referral customers who are happy purchasing and servicing at our dealership. 

Jack Schmitt Ford rewards it's customers with a $100 referral for referring new clients who purchase with our company. 

Details and exclusions are as follows:

  • Referrals can only be made by prior customers who have purchased with Jack Schmitt Ford . The name of the referrer must appear on the purchase order. 
  • The referred individual must not be a member of the same household as the referrer. 
  • The referrer does not have to send the client to the same salesperson. The referral is to the dealership not to the salesperson. However, if you had a great experience it is suggested that you reach out to your original salesperson to check their availability to assist your referral for the best service. 
  • The person being referred must mention to sales that they were referred by a previous customer and ask the salesperson to fill out the referral sheet prior to purchase. 
  • A check for $100 for the referral will be issued to the referring customer within 30 days of the new purchase. 
  • No referrals will be paid that are reported more than 3 business days following a sale. 
  • The referred client must be a new customer with no prior purchase or service record at Jack Schmitt Ford. 
  • Only one person can be paid a referral on a new customer. If there are multiple claims to who referred the client, we will make the decision based on who the client reports first. 

As always, we appreciate all of our customers over the years who continue to refer their friends and family to do business with Jack Schmitt Ford! 

Thanks for your continued support. 

-Andy Carr
General Manager