Frequently Asked Questions

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  • A valid title in your name. 
  • Driver's License. 
  • Any lien and payoff information (if there is a loan on the vehicle). We can often help with this.
  • If the title states AND/OR—one party on the title must be present. 
  • If the title states AND—all parties on the title must be present.
  • You will want to call ahead and provide some basic information. We cannot assist with transport and this is not a one size fits all answer, but we have accepted some vehicles that did not run in the past. We will purchase vehicles with a bad Carfax history.
    • Many of our customers get a check the same day with the correct supporting documents. Our office closes at 4PM daily and our team has to have all check requests in by 3PM daily. 
    • Certain documents and items must be present for this to be possible: 
    • Title (in your name). 
    • Photo ID or Driver's License. 
    • Current registration (tags up to date). 
    • No active liens, verified by the Tag Agency (we will verify this). 
    • Lien Release (if necessary).
    The short answer is yes. Final offers are all made upon an inspection of the vehicle and we reserve the right to reverse any offers or estimates based on the condition of the vehicle when we see it. That being the case, we can provide a market estimate on the vehicle with just a little bit of information. Assuming that the vehicle is described accurately and there are no discoveries at the inspection regarding condition, miles, equipment and other factors, you will receive a final offer that is in line with the market report. In many cases, if the vehicle is nice, it will be an even better offer.
    In most cases, yes. We can still make an offer to you on this vehicle.
  • We can take cash or credit card to cover any negative equity if that exists. 
  • Many times people are surprised to find that if their vehicle appraised for less somewhere else, our Money 4 Autos team can get them more!
  • If your vehicle has damage, we will advise you on the best options. Typically whether it is paint, body or mechanical damage we have a repair shop and access to have the work done at a wholesale price where you would have to likely pay retail for repair work. In most scenarios we have found that investing money in repairs does not have a greater payback in the valuation. In other words, leave it to us and save on the repair rates.
    In general we have a limited staff. If you need to have the vehicle inspected and picked up and cannot bring it to Collinsville, give us a call at 618-344-5106. We may be able to work with you.
    Our general guideline is 7 days and the vehicle would need to be reevaluated. The market moves fast and values change daily, sometimes multiple times daily.
    NO. Contrary to popular opinion, our appraisers know the difference between a car that just needs some TLC and a car that is damaged. One of the perks of selling to us is that you don’t have to take the time to detail it, take photos of it, and create listings. We have a detail crew for that and they will take care of it.
    Simple. We make very competitive offers and also provide fast funding, safer transactions, and we are backed and funded by a company that has been in Collinsville for 40 years. You don’t have to wait for us to think about it, arrange financing, etc. You don’t have to meet us in a parking lot. You don’t have to invest the time of listing the vehicle, meet strangers, figure out the paperwork, etc.
    Many people prefer to separate the sale of their vehicle from the purchase of it's replacement to be sure they are getting an accurate offer for their current vehicle without losing any discounts on their replacement that could end up being hidden in their trade offer. Money 4 Autos is here to support you with a competitive offer regardless of where you want to get your next vehicle. If you need a new or a replacement used vehicle, we happen to know some folks who can assist you with that as well.
    We can provide direction on how to apply for another title and assist in the process but at this time we are unable to handle this on your behalf. We can walk you through it and it’s usually not too difficult.
    We can still buy it from you. We can handle that part of the transaction as well. In fact, most of the vehicles we purchase involve one check to the bank and one to the seller. No problem!
    We can typically make an offer in 30 minutes or less. Believe it or not, we want to offer the most we can make sense of for your vehicle. The reason is because we know that if we don’t, we can’t expect you to want to sell it to us and we are here to buy. That being the case we do conduct a fair amount of research including book outs, pulling transaction data, Carfax history, etc. and we like to look and drive the vehicle. It is important to us that our first and final offer is fair and accurate! We can’t miss!
    Still have questions?
    If You did not find the answer to your question in our FAQ, please contact us!