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Leasing at Jack Schmitt Ford

At Jack Schmitt Ford in Collinsville, IL we are the Metro East’s premier leasing dealership for Illinois residents. Let us show you a better way to drive your new Ford vehicle!

If you are inquiring from out of state, it is simply not advantageous to lease with an Illinois dealership at this time. This information pertains to Illinois residents only.

We understand that leasing a vehicle is a new thing for many people. We understand that historically, leasing may have some negative connotations associated with it. Perhaps many years ago a friend or relative had a bad experience and as a result, you have received information that suggests that “leasing is bad”.

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We are here to tell you and show you how leasing has absolutely changed for the better! It’s an option that only a small portion of car buyers consider, but insiders and people with a working knowledge of the business almost always seek to lease their vehicle. Why? They understand that leasing means you only pay for the portion of the vehicle that you use.

Many people come to us and say “I don’t want to lease a vehicle. I want to own my car.” This same person often owes thousands of dollars more on their loan than the current value of the vehicle and they are trying to trade a 3 or 4 year old model. If they had only leased that same vehicle, they would be in the perfect position to get into a newer vehicle! Instead their car owns them!

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of leasing your next vehicle. We think you will see that for most people leasing has changed for the better!


  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Zero or very low down payment needed to get low monthly payments vs. buy
  • Pay only for the portion of the car that you use- not the entire purchase price.
  • Car is under warranty for entire ownership period
  • Ford Pass rewards covers maintenance for most of the lease period.
  • Approvals for great terms on a lease are flexible. We often help people lease who do not qualify for the same favorable terms when applying to buy a vehicle.
  • Illinois residents pay sales tax only on their monthly payment amounts- not the entire price of the vehicle.
  • No concerns over depreciation.
  • Turn the vehicle in and pick out a new one- generally before expensive maintenance items begin to hit like tires, brakes, etc.
  • Always have the latest styling, safety and technology.
  • Never wind up in a negative equity situation when you are ready for something new or different.
  • Ford often offers incentives to help you upgrade a little early. Jack Schmitt Ford often pulls people out of their three year lease at about the 2 year and 6 months mark.


  • Once you are in a lease you are in it. It is very difficult and expensive to trade into a different lease at say, the one year mark. Leasing works best when you can predict that you will most likely keep the car for two to three years.
  • There are potential penalties for overage on miles, excessive wear and tear and early termination. The facts are that most people never incur these fees and that Ford is very lenient regarding the condition of the vehicle. Many people think that Ford is going to charge them excessive amounts of money over a stain or a scratch. Ford expects normal wear and tear on the vehicle. Let our team show you how flexible these guidelines are. The fact is, even with small kids in the car, etc. you are not likely to have to deal with any of these costs.
  • Lack of freedom to customize / modify- if you plan to put a lift kit on a truck, or install an expensive, custom stereo- leasing is probably not for you.
  • Generally not beneficial if you drive over 20,000 miles annually. Not sure? Take a look at the odometer on your current vehicle and divide by the time you have had it. Most drivers drive less than 20,000 miles annually.

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Our leasing coordinator, Chris Belesi – along with the rest of the staff at Jack Schmitt Ford can help all Illinois residents weigh their options and determine if they are a candidate for a low monthly lease option on their next vehicle.

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