Jack Schmitt Ford Mission Statement

You can't buy trust, you have to earn it. That's what Jack Schmitt Ford has been doing for over thirty years! We earn the trust and confidence of the St. Louis Metro East area with our total dedication to complete, long-term satisfaction. People trust us for the right selection, the right price, and the right service. Jack Schmitt Ford truly provides a better way for you to own your next vehicle!  

At Jack Schmitt Ford, we've marked down our entire inventory to give you our Markdown Price automatically. It's the right way to buy your next vehicle. We have surveyed our customers and YOU have told us you want three things when purchasing a vehicle: 

  •  To Save Time 
  •  To have a "hassle-free" experience 
  •  A fair price up front 

We have listened and aim to satisfy all three of these wishes every time. To create the lowest pressure buying experience, we consistently price all our dealership products to provide excellent value.

Fair Market Trade-In Value

At Jack Schmitt Ford, we give customers the fair market value of their trade-in. We don't inflate the price of our vehicles, just to show you more for your trade. Be careful if someone offers you more for your trade than Jack Schmitt Ford, you may end up paying more for their vehicle to make up for it.

Before you trade your vehicle someplace else, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the value of my trade-in change depending on the vehicle I'm interested in? (Why should it?)
  • Will the dealer give me the cash amount that they say my vehicle is worth, or does it depend on whether I buy a vehicle from them? At Jack Schmitt Ford, we will buy your vehicle for the actual cash value, whether or not you buy a vehicle from us.

Before you try selling your own vehicle, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much more will I have to sell my vehicle for to make up for the extra sales tax I will have to pay on the vehicle I am purchasing?
  • How will I handle the payoff on my vehicle?
  • How excited am I about receiving phone calls at all hours?
  • How much do I enjoy haggling with strangers?
  • What if my vehicle breaks down after I sell it to a stranger (or worse, a friend), and they expect me to repair it?
  • Do I want the hassle of transferring the title?
  • How much is my time worth?



Andy Carr

General Manager