Jack Schmitt Ford Vehicle Detailing in Collinsville, IL

Vehicle Detailing

Jack Schmitt Ford in Collinsville now offers vehicle detailing. The same crew who prepares our pre-owned inventory for sale will do an outstanding job of detailing your vehicle for you. Limited availability/ capacity each day and by appointment only.

All services include everything from front to back - interior and exterior of vehicle. We'll hand wash your vehicle, clean the engine compartment, remove bugs, grease, tar, etc. We'll clean under the hood, door jams, bumpers, etc. We dress your tires and wheels. We buff and hand wax, clean interior and exterior of windows. On the interior we will get every crevice - between your seats, under the seats, steam clean your carpets, shampoo your mats and seats, clean consoles, pedals, steering wheels, etc. We do this using premium industrial grade cleaning supplies. You also have air fresheners available as an option.

*Jack Schmitt cannot guarantee stain removal, odor elimination, etc. as a part of this process. We will do a nice job with your vehicle but there are limitations as far as what can be expected.


Cars $119
Small Trucks $129
Full Size Truck (no camper shell) $139
Full Size Truck (with camper shell) $149
Small SUV $139
Large & Extended (XL) SUV $149
Mini-Van $149
Full Size Van $159
High Rise Full Size Van $169
15 Passenger Van $179
Rental Car for the day while your detail is being completed Add $30
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