Jack Schmitt Ford Best Price Commitment


Jack Schmitt Ford Best price Commitment

The process of buying a new vehicle seems to get more and more confusing for consumers with each passing year. There are more services and programs than ever to get information on new car buying, more dealers offering crazy gimmicks and pricing that not everyone qualifies for all of the time. At Jack Schmitt Ford we want to keep new car buying very simple. 

We make market adjustments to our vehicles each day based on availability and competitor pricing and making our best effort to offer the best pricing in the St. Louis area. We have found great success with this strategy, often bringing in customers from out of state who see our deals online and want to take advantage because no local dealer offers anything close. 

We want to service all of our customers and we want our clients to be aware of a few things about how we conduct business with our new Ford sales. 

We Will Match or Beat ANY Competitor Price on an Apples to Apples Vehicle

...or offer a similar discount if our vehicle has a little more or less equipment and options than the one you are comparing it to. It happens from time to time that as much research as we do before we price each vehicle, a competitor might run an advertisement or a special on a particular model that beats us by a few hundred dollars. No problem! Simply bring the supporting information to the dealership and we will always honor a competitor price as long as the vehicle is available. We are so confident in our ability to beat any real pricing in the area on our vehicle that if we can't we will write you a check for $1,000! 

We Don't Advertise Conditional Offers in Our Pricing

You will notice on our website that we break out conditional offers like college grad, military rebates, etc. Many area dealers include these incentives in their pricing and then when you show up to take advantage they explain the conditional offers do not apply to the purchase or that you do not qualify. As long as you arrange financing with us and not an outside bank, you will receive the advertised sale pricing.

If You Don't See it We Will Get It!

Our team has over 35 years of experience in Collinsville working with Ford Motor Company and developing a network of dealers all over the country to trade inventory with. We carry a large inventory of new Ford vehicles, but in addition to that we give you access to vehicles that are in freight on the way to the dealership, in storage, or at one of our network stores.We work to get you the vehicle you want instead of the vehicle we have...oh, and we don't charge extra to go get it! 

We Explain the Technology and Make YOU an Expert at Your New Vehicle

Think about your last new car buying experience. When you left the dealership, did you feel like you knew the vehicle inside and out? Did the salesperson pair your phone, teach you how to use the navigation and all of the technology on the vehicle? Or were you left to figure it out on your own? Many of our customers return to us for this reason alone- time and time again our customers tell us that our staff made them feel like an expert on their new vehicle. This is our goal for everyone. We will even offer a "re-delivery" session with your salesperson or an experienced member of our team if you need a refresher at any time. If you get a new cell phone and need help, bring it by! We are always happy to see and assist our clients and our job really begins when you take delivery of your new vehicle.


You Must Arrange Financing through Jack Schmitt Ford Finance Department- We Can Probably Use Your Lender!

As we stated earlier -in order to qualify for our sale pricing our only requirement is that you arrange your financing through the Jack Schmitt Ford Finance Department. You do not have to finance through a particular lender that we choose for you, and many area lenders and credit unions will work for us to extend the offer. The chances are good that your preferred lender is on our preferred lender list. We will provide you with options, and if you do not like our options, you may use your own but you would indeed miss out on the finance incentive. The only requirement is that you allow us to originate the loan at the dealership and that you do not bring in a check from your lender. Over 93% of our customers got this incentive last year, and many got an even lower rate with us than the one their lender was offering. Let us show you what we can do for you! Contrary to what many believe and how car buying used to be, cash is no longer king! Keep your cash and put it away somewhere where it can go to work for you- and enjoy a very low rate on one of our vehicles when you arrange financing through any Jack Schmitt Ford preferred lender in our network.


If you need a cash price because you are truly paying cash for your vehicle with no financing elsewhere, we will be happy to provide one for you on a vehicle by vehicle basis.


We Pay the Most for Your Trade


Have you noticed the giant pre-owned lot that we opened here in Collinsville within just the past couple of years? We have to feed it. Our customers expect us to have a large selection of all makes and models available and offer the best pricing. We have one of the largest pre-owned selections in the St. Louis area and our team is always scrambling to get inventory. We always make sure our clients get top dollar for their trades because unlike some dealers that want to sell them to another lot or a location that specializes in pre-owned, WE NEED THEM! We are the specialists!


Our Sales Team Will Wash Your Car Any Time... Well, Almost Any Time

All new and used vehicles purchased at Jack Schmitt Ford qualify for our "Free Car Washes for Life" Program. As a member of our car wash club you can swing by any time the sales department is open and we will wash your vehicle free of charge. This saves you potentially hundreds of dollars each year in ownership costs and it is our pleasure to do this and visit with you. It is best to call ahead- sometimes our equipment may be down due to weather or maintenance. Limit of one per week per customer, please. 

You Will Not Find Better People to Help You and Your Family

A lot of dealers say it, and you can only know if you experience it, but it's true. Take a second to read our reviews on Facebook and Google. They aren't perfect, but we are among the best rated dealers on both in the entire Midwest with a very high volume of reviews. Most of the negative ones are from people who are upset that the vehicle they wanted sold before they could get to it! Our people are awesome. No pressure. They are here to help what most people dread doing- car shopping, and making it a fun experience that most of our customers repeat with us. Our people are amazing and they are all driven by a single mantra- "We want to help as many people as we can."

No high-pressure stuff. No nonsense. We let you have your space to make the best decision. We earn our customers trust based on how we treat them. That shows in our reviews.


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