Inventory Availability Disclaimer



Due to the highly complex nature of inventory availability right now we are asking that anyone who plans to visit the dealership to see a specific model call ahead and have one of our representatives verify the vehicle's current status. 

We understand that it is frustrating right now to try to find and secure the right vehicle and we want our clients to have the very best experience possible. We understand that your time is precious. 

Vehicles are "stocked in" to a dealers inventory and start to display on the dealers website often times while they are still in transit or on the way in when the paperwork arrives ahead of the vehicle. In addition, while we try to keep our website very current, vehicles that appear on 3rd party websites where you may see our vehicles listed can take days or even weeks to stop appearing after they are sold and our control over those listings is limited. 

In addition, there are also websites entering the marketplace that scrape and display sold inventory on purpose to try to rank higher in the search engines and develop more content. Jack Schmitt Ford does not authorize these sites and we do our best to try to keep up and get our inventory removed from these sites once we learn about them. 

In addition to all of this, many of the NEW vehicles that wind up displayed on the site are also retail orders for customers or already sold. We do our best to keep this current but there is currently some lag between when we delete the listing and when it comes down in the next inventory feed. 

The bottom line is this- We work hard to try to keep all of our listings current. That being said, the BEST way to get the current status on any of our vehicles is to call in and speak to one of our team members at (618) 816-0383. This way we can ensure that your visit at Jack Schmitt Ford is a pleasant one! 

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