There's plenty of opportunity for fun and excitement out on the open road, and you'll need a capable ride that can get you out to all of them. Ford engineering is known for its strength and comfort, and there are plenty of different vehicles for you to choose from. We're here to help you learn more about them and see what's in store for your next ride.

Our Ford car reviews look at these rides in detail, so you can find out which complements your lifestyle and needs. You can picture yourself behind the wheel of each as you go about your daily drives around Collinsville, IL. Read on to see what our team at Jack Schmitt Ford has to share!

Car Reviews Collinsville IL

Ford SUV Reviews

Spanning different styles to fit the needs of all kinds of drivers, our Ford SUVs all feature comfortable design. You can look forward to fun drives with all your favorite people along for the journey.

Whether you need an extra-spacious cabin for your large family, or desire a crossover with the heart of a sporty car, there is a Ford SUV for you. These models feature power you can trust on every drive to take on tricky conditions.

You'll also be protected from those unexpected moments, thanks to driver-assistive technologies. Ford systems use sensors and onboard computing to keep you alert and aware of what's going on around you to minimize and prevent accidents.

Ford Car Reviews

Ford Truck Reviews

Ford has reached legendary status among truck lovers, and it's easy to see why. There are trucks made for a variety of different needs, from the everyday driver to the heavy-duty worker. Ford trucks are designed to keep you moving forward-and bringing your gear with you.

Hitching up a trailer filled with gear is easy with these pickups. You can tow and haul your gear off the road and onward to your next site confidently.

Car Reviews Collinsville IL


When you look at our different Ford car reviews, you'll be excited to experience one for yourself. Start your next adventure around Collinsville, Illinois, by contacting us at Jack Schmitt Ford and scheduling a test drive!