How do you create a road trip scavenger hunt for your family? It'll take some planning. Like any good trip, planning is important.

There are many different items to include in your scavenger hunt. These days you can virtually scout routes to get more themes and ideas. You can have a composite list of what your children need to find.

Generic items like cows, barns, billboards and state signs are an easy add. You might toss in specific restaurants, museums or bridges. Rivers, lakes and other bodies of water are also a nice addition. You can make your list as long as your trip is. The key is to add only those within eyesight on the road as you drive. You can add certain license plates from different states. You can utilize famous monuments or tollways. You can look for different types of vehicles. Historic sites can also be on the list. You will have a long time to check everything off. The winner gets the most items on their list as you arrive.

The most important thing is having a safe and fun road trip. You can drop by our service center before you leave to get your car a check-up. It's the only way to make sure you can check everything off your list.
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