We all love the look of a shiny clean car, but what if you were told that washing your car regularly did more for your car than just making it shiny? In the long run, washing your car can prevent it from becoming damaged in quite a few ways. For example, we all know that not washing your car makes the dirt pile up, but you may be asking what kind of damage that would do to your car, right? Dirt buildup on a car can act like sandpaper overtime, causing it to eat away at the paint. Not to mention dirt can mix with rain and other pollutants such as bird droppings and cause further erosion on the paint, which causes rust. It is important to keep your paint from wearing down and forming rust because if your car gets too much rust it can eat holes in the body of the car and expose vital parts. This not only can make your car perform poorly, but can bring down the resale value. Overall, the message here is to just keep your car clean!
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