The 2017 Ford Explorer is ideal for people that love to tow, go hiking and adventure. If want a car to haul your boat for a weekend retreat, Ford Explorer can tow the cargo and so much more. Space inside the vehicle allows you to carry not only passengers but also a significant amount of load.

The car has a high power engine that enables you to haul up to 5000 pounds of cargo. The turbocharger works with the engine to hasten acceleration and efficiency of the auto. 2017 Ford Explorer comes with a smart design that is easy to use. SYNC 3 is an interface technology enables the owner to have a full control of the vehicle by a touch sensitive screen.

The technology incorporated in the design and assembly of the vehicle range from voice commands to navigation systems. If you are interested in the auto, it would be important to come for a road test drive at Jack Schmitt Ford Lincoln.

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