Here at J.C. Lewis Ford, we know from personal experience that Ford trucks are built to last. Before they even make it on our lot or your driveway by means of that, every model is first subject to rigorous testing. After all, Ford upholds high standards and wants their loyal consumers to enjoy only the best. That is why we recommend the new Ford Super Duty to those who want a dependable ride.

This video demonstrates just how much Ford trucks have to go through to make the cut. As you will find in the footage, the tests are more than tough—in fact, they are almost ruthless. The goal is to ensure that all Ford trucks are ready for the road. As such, every Ford truck must overcome these trials. Harsh temperatures and pathways riddled with challenges check its overall tolerance to such challenges. Only if it successfully stands up against these tests can it be put to mass production. This is how Ford measures its standards.

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