What's the difference between an average truck and a great truck? Their composition, of course! Here at Jack Schmitt Ford Lincoln, we have the benefit of seeing various trucks come through our lot, and from what we observe, we feel that Ford trucks are special. The Super Duty is particularly noteworthy because of the impressive endurance and power it wields. Models like these are proof that the Ford Motor Company takes the time to make sure that their trucks are built to high standards.

The video shows what a 2017 Ford Super Duty truck goes through in terms of testing. The tests measure architectural durability and performance capabilities. Only if a prototype succeeds on the field does it proceed to production. That is why you can trust a Ford truck. Designed with such a heavy emphasis on reliability, you can bet that your new Ford Super Duty will hold up against what the road throws at it.

Stop by to see the difference. Just visit our dealership, and you can put this truck to your own test.

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