Picking the new Ford Fusion is a conscientious choice because it provides the right solutions to your needs as a driver. With this new Ford sedan, you will have an abundance of advantages in your favor. This car is smartly designed and boasts improvements both to its performance and its style. Moreover, you will have a large assortment the latest technology to assist you with your travels. This is why many customers turn to this particular model.

The sales of the new Ford Fusion are increasing exponentially for good reason. Offered in twelve trims and three drivetrains, finding one to match your individual driving style is easy! Select models armed with the 2.7L EcoBoost® V6 engine will have as much as 325 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque at their disposal. Meanwhile, hybrid variants can achieve better gas mileage, pushing out as much as 43 city and 41 highway MPG.

Naturally, a car as powerful and efficient as the new Ford Fusion is deserving of an equally impressive design, which is why Ford engineers have added striking elements throughout its structure. From its chrome-plated grille and sharp headlights to its flowing profile and polished rims, this new car has sufficient charm. Similarly, its interior also enjoys a higher degree of sophistication. Not only will you have the room to accommodate five friends, but you also have many gadget options to include and use. In particular, the voice-activated touchscreen navigation is a popular feature among Ford consumers. Utilizing this intelligent device, you can get around from one location to the next with more ease—and you will not even have to take your eyes off the road!

So if you are currently in search for your next car, consider choosing the new Ford Fusion. Do not settle for anything less. Buying this Ford is a sensible choice, so come into J.C. Lewis Ford today!

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